Our Story


Ciao! Hello!

Traditional: Tessa and Stuart have a passion for dairy products as they have spent much time and energy running Tessa’s family’s century-old dairy farm. They have dreamed of producing a premium quality dairy product to sell and connect to the consumer. 

Tessa is a fourth-generation dairy farmer, born and raised on her family’s dairy in California. To the cow's delight, she married Stuart, a dairy veterinarian from England. They share a mutual love of agriculture, travel and great food.

Immersed in Tessa’s family’s Italian roots, gelato was the natural way to express their love of dairy with a nod to the family heritage that they treasure. Through her education and travels, Tessa has spent much time in Italy, reconnecting with her Italian family and friends and enjoying the Italian way of appreciating good food! This is where their passion for cows, agriculture, and food comes together, at Ciao Cow Creamery.  

Handcrafted & Fresh: Ciao Cow gelato is handcrafted, in small batches, from scratch with fresh ingredients daily. We do not use prepackaged bases - all of our recipes are customized to incorporate local, California ingredients. Our goal is to make the freshest gelato using age-old Italian traditions. We won’t compromise to obtain the premium quality that you can taste in every bite!


What is Gelato?